A View from the Edge

Come to the edge, and look down
to see what lies below.
You’ll see a blackness that goes on forever,
with a depth that has no end.
The abyss below you is not a void.
Its darkness is your friend.

Don’t look up from it; just stare.
It has all the answers there are to be.
But in your search for them you must know,
for that in which you seek.

Look for visions of yourself in the blinding darkness.
If those images still elude you,
dig deeper into that endless pit of night.
Below the edge you are more than yourself.
There is nothing physical in that lightless sea.
In the abyss you are the feeling you create in others,
whether friend or foe.

You’re looking for more than a body,
but rather who you envision yourself to be.
Down in the black you are a memory,
and every form of you that other people see.

So look into the abyss as if it’s your lover,
to resolve dilemmas from times past.
Let its mysterious depth embrace you,
to find out where you are weak and strong.
Keep searching within the shadow ocean
until all your questions about life are gone.

Ah, the endless dive is so inviting
now that you can see where nothing can be seen.
The longer you look you will realize
the gigantic abyss is you.
Your dreams, recollections, and perceptions are inescapable,
however deep and far you peer.
Your confusions and uncertainties are everywhere too
within the endless pitch-black mist in which you leer.

You’re the abyss, and it is your mentor,
but you can not swim in its blinding sea.
Because swimming would be bliss,
and in bliss you do not learn.
You need to step off the edge into darkness,
to unveil your place in the world without end.
Even though you step off the cliff willingly,
it will be frightening to endlessly descend.

So you will scream as you sink into the unknown.
But remember the abyss is you.
In its emptiness, you are in control.
If you can discover everything about yourself
in the abyss where nothing can be seen,
you will learn how to stop falling
and finally enjoy the overwhelming view.
Because the mind is a beautiful thing,
once you see everything that is true.

What you see from the edge is real.
However, most that look
end up more lost than they were before.
Then jump and fall forever
because they can’t comprehend the abyss’s lore.



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